Sunday, September 27, 2015

Greater San Antonio Quilt show

 I am pleased to report that I won a few prized ribbons at the show this weekend.  This one called "The Chemist" won first in the challenge category, where we had to use this piece of blue starry fabric.  This quilt was made from a selfie my daughter, Nicole, took right before she got her degree in Chemistry last spring.  So proud of her.  It even has periodic table fabric for a back.

"Swingin' "  got a second place in the art category.  This is from a photo of my grandson, Alex, taken by my niece, Evelyn.  

"Nebulous" a wholecloth piece won a third in the Other category.

 I'm really pleased with this award.  Linda's round robin quilt took a third in the group category.  I was especially pleased to get the Stationary Machine quilting special award for the quilting I did on this quilt.

Our "Remember..."  quilt, a fractured quilt done by 5 members of my bee won a Judges Choice ribbon and an Honorable Mention in the group category.  I took the photo and enlarged it, sliced it into 6 slices, gave it to 4 other friends, put it together after they finished it, and quilted it.  so I am thrilled with the result and the Judges recognition.  

I finally finished this quilt, just in time for the show.  It is called "Gigi's Garden", that's my grandma name...  This one got a first in small applique.  

And another winner!!, my round robin also got a third place ribbon.  Borders added by members of my quilting bee, and I quilted this.
I'm going to keep going and show you some of the other show stoppers.  

  This is called Flanders Field by Vonnie Maglinte.  She won this award 2 years ago. Check out Vonnie's quilting, she is amazing! 

I loved this vintage linen crazy quilt by Deb France.  She does amazing quilting also.  

And here is Vonnie Maglinte (who made the quilt 2 pics above) with her challenge quilt.  It was a wowzer of a quilt.  

Now for the quilt that won Best of Show.  Made by Judy Wolff of Lincoln, TX and quilted by Angela McCorkle.  Loved it!

Hope you enjoyed the show, can't wait till the next one in two years!  Karen

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Busy busy summer

Excuse me for my month (and a half) long silence.  Been cruising the Rhine, going on quilting retreat and helping my father with surgeries.  Lots of quilting going on also.  I am preparing for our Semi-annual quilt show (is that how you say every other year?)   I am rushing to finish the yellow applique' quilt that I showed you last month - dang I'm slow.  But hey, what's the hurry (quilt show in 2 weeks!) I quilt for enjoyment right?  Here is one I played with at retreat:

 I looked at several examples of graffiti quilting and thought,"I can do that! and in an hour!"
Well, it ended up taking  whole day of my retreat, but oh, what fun it was...  It's about 15 inches square and would look perfect in your sewing room!
I will be donating this to the silent auction at the Quilt show - BTW it is the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild show, Star Gazing, Sept. 25 and 26, 2015 from 9-5 at the San Antonio Event Center, 8111 Meadow Leaf.  Come out and check out the almost 300 quilts and over 40 vendors. 

Hope to see you there, Karen