Sunday, February 21, 2016

post-retreat update

Just got back from a small quilting retreat.  7 of us in a lovely house in Wimberly, TX.  So much fun and so many projects!

I made this graffiti quilt for Melanie for her birthday.  These are fun to do!

I used variegated thread and a double batt of wool and cotton.

Sideways view of the cat portrait that I am working on.  This is my daughter's cat, Cosmo.  This piece is about 25 inches square.  I wanted to try a snippet technique similar to Danny Amazonas.

Here is the original photo of Cosmo.  I'm not sure why that other photo turned sideways, but I will put more photos on it when I finish it, maybe they will be right side up :)

  How about a fun portrait quilt called "Generations". It's made from the new book by Flora Joy, Trispective.  It was a little tricky to do, but it worked and her book is full of very good information!
So my portrait is in the middle, you can see it when looking straight at the quilt.  When you are on the left side you see my Mom, and when you look at it from the right, you see my daughter.

The trispective quilt had a some time-consuming photoshop work, then I sent it to spoonflower to print.  Then a lot of folding and tucking ensued.  But I love how it turned out.

This is a 14 inch block, paper-pieced, for our guild raffle quilt.  This took me a day and a half to make.  Whew!  That's precious retreat time.  But it turned out pretty.  

I got lots of inspiration from my friends at the retreat.  I was inspired to do better work, like taking the time to hand applique my Jinny Beyer Craftsy flower blocks.  Also, to be more precise while piecing - honestly some people are so picky!!  I was also inspired to do more projects for others.  I did make two more dog beds out of scraps though...  those go to the Humane Society.  

Hope to get back to you sooner than later, Karen

Thursday, February 4, 2016

fox in the hen house

This is how the fox turned out after quilting:

below is the back of the quilt, you can faintly see the outlines of the fox on that busy fabric!

His outer border is the henhouse - see the chicken wire quilting?  

For a before photo, see my last post.  This is a quilt made by my friend Carol, with a kit from Keepsake Quilting.  The pieces were already fused and cut when she bought them.  The fusible web was so stiff and thick, I don't know how they expect someone to quilt that.  Yes, I did it, but with many thread breaks, lots of cursing, and trial and error.  I ended up using a microtex needle and invisafil threads, although I did use some Wonderfil variegateds also.  The problem with the microtex needle is that my needle threader can't get into that little hole.  And with all the breakage, I had to hand thread the sewing machine needle many, many times.  I had to use the microtex needle to avoid those giant holes in the fusible web.  But, it is all finished now.  Hope you like it, karen.