Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dallas Quilt Show Highlights

Hi, I have been so busy this week.  So now I need to show you what I've been up to.  I entered a few quilts in the Dallas Quilt Show that was this last weekend.   There were some amazing quilts in this show as you will soon see.  But first, lookie lookie...

My Aqua Babes quilt took home an honorable mention in the Quilt Show Theme category, which was funny quilts.

This quilt of my grandson, Alex called Swingin' also got an honorable mention.  This is the first outing for this quilt, glad to see it got a ribbon.

Isn't this quilt amazing?  This is "End of the Spin" by Melissa Sobotka of Richardson, TX.  She was inspired by a rack of old spools she saw in NY.  

"Mr T White Gloves at the Quilt Show" by Judy Kriehn.  This really fits the funny theme of the show, I giggled quite a bit while looking at this one.  It had lots of real bling around his neck.  

This wallhanging was my absolute favorite of the whole show.  Called "Spilling Over" by Sharon Schlotzhauer, it is about the help and sympathy she got when she reported a lost quilt.  

And I just ogled over this silk wallhanging for a long time.  Debbie Geistweidt's "Where Adventures Begin" was inspired by her walks in a 100 acre wood.  

This is "Feathered Frenzy" made by my friend Vickie Owen and quilted by another friend, Karen Nanos.  It's a wonderful, perfectly pieced and quilted work. 

Vickie Owen won an honorable mention for "Stormy Weather" which was beautifully quilted by Danielle Wilkes.

Oh my, Jaynette Huff is such a wonderful quilter.  She lives in Conway, AR which is where my little sister also lives.  So I keep hoping this tenuous connection will rub off on me.  It's called "celtic Visions - Celtic Zoomorphs".  

Love the rock beads she sewed all around, and the hand stitched bias everywhere - wow!

Now for some quilts with inspirational quilting designs.  "Circles Around the Squares" made and quilted by Marie Mitchell.  

Don't you just love her quilting designs?  

Lynn McCartney made and quilted "Hummingbirds in My Garden".  The applique was stupendous, but her quilting was over the top.  

Look at the basket weave... and the tiny feather filler around the hummingbirds, whoa!

Really well done...

This is Good Fortune by Sharry Evans and quilted by Jackie Brown. Take a closer look...

I love it when quilters recreate the design in the quilting.  It is so effective!

This quilt is "Geese at Sunset" by Kathy Risinger and quilted by Dot Collins, another good friend of mine.  Sorry, I didn't get a close-up of Dot's wonderful quilting.  

Check out this tiny "Mini Baltimore Album" by Peggy Sympson.  I made my husband put his finger in the photo so you could get a true idea of the size of this amazing wallhanging.

How did she do this??  I think it is ruched silk ribbon.  And look at the hand quilting...  

 "One Cake, Two Cake, Red Cake, Blue Cake" by Linda Neal and quilted by Jackie Brown.  sorry the one above is blurry, but look at Jackie's quilting!! She also quilted "Good Fortune" above.  

The edge treatment is like confetti at a birthday party.  And the applique' is well-done... but the quilting is so creative.  

I love this one too.  

One more that I almost missed.  This is "A Labor of Art" by Sharon Schlotzhauer.  It is about the size of a piece of typing paper.  I've seen photos of this quilt, but I thought it was bed sized.  My husband was taking a break so I couldn't get him to do the finger thing, but you can use the ribbon to get the scope of the tiny quilt.  

It is painted and intricately quilted.  so beautiful...

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites from this quilt show.  I better buckle down now and get to work on my own stuff.  I have to teach a beginner fmq class tomorrow.  Then next week I will be taking a class from Hollis Chatelain at Asilomar, woo hoo.  I will fill you in on my accomplishments (and failures) there.  

"People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do."  Isaac Asimov

Get your butt up and do some quilting today, Karen

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