Sunday, May 3, 2015

PCT and portraits

I havent' been able to blog for a while because I took a road trip to Campos, CA to drop my son off at the trailhead of the Pacific Crest Trail.  Here he is starting out on his 2000+ mile journey.
 My husband and I rented an RV and invited my father to come along also.  It was a great trip.  My son Ken texted this morning that he has hiked 109 miles this first week of his trek.

Before I left, I was playing with some more portrait quilts.  I wanted to portray someone iconic, that most women admire.... who better than The Clooney!!
I used this photo from noble custom icons of style to make a portrait that I can happily hang in my sewing room to look at every day:)
This portrait quilt was quick and easy using Maria Elkins technique from Making Faces CD. That cheek highlight has a little too much contrast, right?  I will try painting it a little darker to see if that makes it better.  I'll show you when it's done.  Choosing fabrics is the hardest part of portrait quilting for me anyway.

My cousin Gail, who takes great photographs, gave me permission to use this pic of Rusty (dog) and Sweetie (bunny).  I love this photo.  It makes one wonder "What happens next?" 

I used my own methods to create this quilt top.  I cut up snippets of yellow fabrics for the background flowers.  This is on the quilting machine right now, so I will share the finished product soon.  I can't wait to get it quilted.  It measures 20 x 30 inches, so the animals are lifesized.  

Oh and it's so sad, but Rusty went to the great doggy park in the sky recently.  Maybe Gail would like this quilt??

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”
M.K. Clinton


  1. Your portraits are fantastic! Love Clooney, but I am in love with the animals!!! I think your cousin would love to have the portrait of Rusty. You just took her pic to another level. Great job and Happy Quilting!

  2. Every new portrait quilt you make is better than the last! Love love LOVE Rusty and Sweetie. That could win at a show, for sure.