Sunday, June 7, 2015

Free motion quilting with a homemade design


I needed a design for this rectangular piece on this quilt.  I wanted it to be similar to some of the quilting on the inner parts of the quilt.  My curved rulers just weren't the right size for this.  So I used a piece of freezer paper the size of the rectangle, folded it into fourths so that I could get a curved arc the size needed.  I just wanted to show you how that one little template made out of freezer paper can help you make a semi-elaborate design on your quilts.  Bear with me, this is my first video, it's kinda long and with that busy striped fabric,  a little hard to see.  I am using my powerquilter for this video.  Karen


  1. the video quality is good, what did you have your phone propped up on? And beautiful quilting as always. I see now how that new foot can be useful.

  2. I love how easily you make those feathers. I need to learn feathers.

  3. Karen this is great! Dot just posted that you will be our guild's guest in January (Golden Triangle) and I can't wait to met you and take your class! I've learne what I know online only, so having a real live person will be fantastic. I look forward to going all through you blog!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I, too, am looking forward to coming to your guild. Are you interested in beginning quilting or going a little more advanced? We haven't picked a workshop topic yet :)

    2. Lol I was watching that video thinking it looked so familiar... Then saw my comment ! I didn't know you'd responded-- sorry I didn't answer!