Sunday, October 25, 2015

another portrait started

I have this family photo of my grandmother when she was a young girl. Very blurry, but I am hoping it can be translated into fabric.   

Look how long her hair was!  It was always shoulder length when I knew her.  Her name was Christina Joly Comiskey and she had 10 children which she raised alone after her husband died of a heart attack while there were still 7 children at home.  I loved her dearly and am feeling her peaceful presence while I work on this piece.

I started with her face, hair and arm...  ooh getting excited...

Put the whole thing on a muslin base...

This is how far I got today.  Going to work on her image in the mirror tomorrow, can't wait!

I finished this project this weekend in between portrait playtimes.  I painted this in April at Hollis Chatelain's class at Asilomar.  I played with some zentangle designs for the quilting and tried out some new fillers.  Glad to have this done - no clue what to do with it though :)

Going to Houston on Thursday to the International Quilt Festival.  Maybe I'll see you there!  Karen


  1. Hi Karen. Whatever the process is you are doing w/your grandmother's portrait is AMAZING! Is it a form of paper piecing? Please tell! I'm sure you had a blast in Houston & I look forward to reading about it. Thanks for linking up. =)

  2. Thanks Zenia, it is raw edge applique'. I trace it on freezer paper and use Misty Fuse on the back of the fabric. Fun fusing!