Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving blessings

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am taking a break.... turkey is in the oven and the other dishes are ready to go in when the turkey is done.  Pies are all waiting to be eaten, we have as many pies as we do people at this feast!!  Yum...  

I wanted to share my small town fame.  14 of my quilts are hanging in the hallways at the San Marcos, TX Chamber of Commerce for a few weeks.  Here is the newspaper article:

So if you're in the lovely town of San Marcos this month (maybe hitting the outlet malls), maybe you will get a chance to come see these.  

Have a lovely day, Karen

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  1. That is so fantastic Karen! Your own exhibit and a star on the Quilty walk of fame! :) Especially after seeing some of your work, I am very impressed that you do your quilting on your home sewing machine!

    Thanks for your great comment on BuzzinBumble. It came in as "no-reply" just in case you don't know that.