Sunday, July 10, 2016

Evy's quilt

I have a new one to show today.  This is for my niece Evelyn, who recently graduated high school and is starting college at Appalachian State in August.  I purchased this as a kit.  All of the applique is fused and machine stitched.

I used a layer of Mountain Mist cream rose and a half layer of wool to make a thin comfy quilt that still has a little puffiness for the quilting designs.  The thread is Glide.

Those radiating lines were made with a Gadget Gals ruler, Linda Mae's rays.  Love that ruler, I got the 12 inch one.

I used the border fabric as markings for the beadboard quilting.  I quilted a straight line in the center of the loop motif, then one a quarter inch away on each side.  I used my straight line ruler to do this with no marking!

The sashing design is from Kim Stotzenberg's Angel wings tutorial.  I love it!

I marked an inner frame design and filled it with curlicues which looks like lace to me.  I hope she loves it and that it looks good on that dorm bed!

Last week, I took a fun class at a new retreat house in McQueeny Texas, called The Queen's Rustic Retreat.  It was a lovely place and the hostess, Doris Rice is very sweet and we had a lovely time painting a barn quilt.  It is very simple, but will look great on my fence.  

It's about 2 feet wide.  I will spray it with a coat of varnish before I hang it up.  And I plan to make more of these - so fun...

I have a friend who is selling her Innova longarm and I think I want it.  I have tried many longarms, but really didn't think I wanted to go that route.  I have been fine doing my sitdown machine quilting.  However, this is my favorite part of the quiltmaking process - fun and intricate machine quilting.  I don't even make quilts that don't have open space for a quilting design, that doesn't appeal to me.  I love the extra dimension that quilting brings.  Soooo, maybe it's just the thing for me to expand to a longarm.  But it has to be a machine that I can do little tiny quilting designs with.  

So I have tried many different longarms and I had decided that the Innova is the one that will work best FOR ME.  I have watched Gina Perkes, Mary Olson and Renee Haddadin quilt on the Innova and I would love to be as proficient as these ladies.  I tried the Innova at two different quilt shows and decided that is the machine that I will get IF I ever get a longarm.

Last week, I looked at Longarm University to see if there were any used Innovas.  There was one, and it was about 5 miles away and owned by one of my guild acquaintances.  So I checked it out yesterday and after sleeping on it, I think I will get it.  So, I will be transitioning to a longarm in the next few months.  It's going to be a scary journey for me, but hopefully a fun one.  


  1. Absolutely beautiful quit! She's going to love it.

  2. Your quilting is AMAZING! Wow, such talent! I hope your new longarm makes it even more fun and rewarding for you.

    And those chickens in your last post are just the cutest :)