Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another quilt show!

I was lucky to get to go to another quilt show on Friday.  It was a small show in San Antonio at the University United Methodist Church.  They had a speaker, J. Michelle Watts, and then a show where they draped the quilts over the pews.
This makes for an easy quilt show, but it is hard to get good photos of the quilts.

Isn't it lovely?

This quilt was made by Peggy True and quilted by my friend Marilou Loudon.

These minis were made and quilted by Marilou Loudon also.  They were hanging at the very bottom of a sheet with other minis, in the dark.  I had to get down on the ground to get photos.  Marilou took Cindy Needham's class at Quilting Adventures last year and I am pretty sure these linen quilts were inspired by Cindy.  

They should have been hanging at eye level too, I almost missed them!

Below is a hand quilted piece by Carol Rouse that is just amazing, all little 4 patches.

The above quilt is a beautiful family tree that was raw edge appliqued, made by Dorothy Brett and quilted by Fred Brett, it is called "Fritz Family Tree".  I wish I could have seen it hanging.  There were lovely appliqued borders on this also.

This is called "Sparkle Plenty" and made by Claudia McCoy and quilted by Marcia Henry. I loved all the polka dots.

This lovely antique quilt was made by Diane Cheatham's great grandmother in the 1800's.  All of the tiny hand pieced triangles laid flat with nice points, and there was lovely hand quilting to boot.  It was wonderful to see in person.

I won a door prize at this show, woo hoo!  It was a big, quilted bag filled with all sorts of quilting goodies. 
My favorite goodie is the coffee mug near the bag.  I have been wanting a nice ceramic quilty mug for a while.  I also love the pink silk, ooh la la...  
The mug says it all...

When life gives you scraps, Make quilts!  Have a nice weekend and stay warm, Karen

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