Sunday, February 15, 2015

FMQ Class Samples

I taught a couple of free-motion quilting classes this week and WOW were the quilters awesome!   The first class was a beginner class and they learned as they worked on this beautiful Riley Blake Woodland Tails panel.

I quilted this in what I hope is a fashion suitable for beginners.  It was certainly within reach of these gals, they were great...

In another class, we learned free motion feathers: three types of feathers and lots of designing with feathers.  Here is a sample placemat I designed for the class.  Since it was Valentine's Day, I made the runner with hearts and in red.  

The hearts were quilted with "bump back" feathers (or Humpback feathers as Joanne calls them).

the feathers on the pointed edges of the runner were quilted with "lacy" or "hooked" feathers.

And the sides had a little row of traditional or "longarm" feathers.

I put all of this here in case some of the quilters want to see the sample when finishing their runner.

I also brought my feather sampler (one I made for classes).  It has feathers of all kinds on it, some stencilled designs, and lots of free-form feathers for ideas and practice. 

I am getting back to this project now that I have a little break from teaching.
Just a teaser, this is the back of the quilt.  You may have gotten a peek at this on my first blog entry when I was talking about drag.  I am getting excited to finish this and see it finished!  I will take lots of pictures of the top when it is finished.  

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