Friday, February 20, 2015

QuiltCon day

QuiltCon yesterday, Whew what a day!  It was an amazing show with lots of great vendors and fun.  There were nail artists, fake tattoos, and a real tattoo artist.  Here are some of the quilts that I liked starting with some portraits first....

This is "The Conan Quilt" by Alison Chambers in my own home town of San Antonio.

I recognized Luke Haynes work right away.  He's a wonderful artist.  This is [American Context #16] Christina's world.

This one is a self-portrait by Gabriela Kirst with two Java sparrows.

Here he is!  It's Benedict Cumberbatch!  This is called "Holy Sh*t Sherlock" by Kristy Daum.

This one was hard to see until we looked through our camera, and then AMAZING!  It's Jared Padelecki from Gilmore Girls and Supernatural.  It's called Little Brother by Stacey Murton.

Here are some other modern quilts that I liked:


This one is called Grand Canal by Casey York and was inspired by the Versailles' Grand Canal.  The quilt was so inviting, I wanted to step into it.  And the quilting by Ann McNew was amazing.

this is Rocket 88 by Latifah Saafir and quilted by Lisa Alexakis.

Freeflow by Lee Heinrich and quilted by Anne Books.  I love this block and the quilting really made this quilt special.

This is called "Sticks and Stones: The Border Test" by Rachel Kerley , it did not name a quilter, so I assume she quilted this beauty herself.

Sunset by Corinne Sovey of Austin.  Wow!

I have tons more pics, I will share more with you tomorrow.  Meanwhile, TGIF and Remember, people will see your quilts long after you are gone. . . Not your housework!!

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  1. Someday I'll get to QuiltCon. Until then, thanks for photographing and sharing these beauties.