Saturday, February 21, 2015

Quiltcon part deux

More QuiltCon photos!!   Yea, there was so much to see...
"Refresh" by Anna Boenish won a 3rd Place ribbon in Modern Traditionalism. This quilt was truly inspired.

"Deconstructed Lonestar" by Amy Struckmeyer won 2nd in Modern Traditionalism.  Love how the star is blowing away.

Coral Reef by Marla Varner won the Quilting Excellence Award.

Diving Geese quilted by Krista Withers and pieced by Katie Pedeson won the Best Machine Quilting Award.  

Long Island Modern Sampler by Kim Soper won 1st in the Modern Traditionalism.

This is "Wavelength" by Lee Heinrich

Two close-ups of the inspired quilting on the quilt below:

"Color in Flight" by Cynthia Whitten and quilted by Helen Baczynski

"Fifty Shades of Geese" by Patricia Roche and the quilting shown below

"Modern Chevron Remix" by Cynthia Whitten (again) and quilted by Helen Baczynski (what a team these two make)

"lost and Found in Translation" by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

"Modern Mojo 2" by Linda Thielfoldt, wow look at her quilting...

"Score for Bias Strip Petal: Daisies" by Sherri Lynn Wood

Bauble by Emily Cier

Grove by Casey York and quilted by Angela Walters

fractal Kaleidoscope by Katie Larson

Teal Sunshine by Matthew Wheeler

Geometric Rainbow by Nicole Daksiewicz

Whew, and I still have more.  Aren't they amazing?

I did have time in between quilt shows to finish my Craftsy blocks from Jinny Beyers free bom:
This is going to be a beauty, hope Hubby likes it because I plan to put it on my bed.

Have a great weekend, Karen

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